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Beautiful forests, stunning mountains, and pristine waters make The Kootenai a world unto itself. Mother Nature feeds this area’s untapped mystique with the Kootenai River. From its headwaters in the Canadian Rockies, the scenic river rushes nearly 500 miles through forested valleys and narrow gorges, down into Lake Koocanusa and straight south into the core of Libby.

Head east from town to see this wild water briefly tamed at Lake Koocanusa, the 90-mile-long human-made reservoir formed by the construction of the Libby Dam in 1970. Or go west where the river surges downstream for an unforgettable sight of power — Kootenai Falls, the largest free-flowing waterfall in Montana. Just like the rest of the Kootenai, the falls offer something different every day as water levels change. If you’re of sterner stuff, step onto the swinging bridge.

Troy is to the west of Libby, just past Kootenai Falls, and Troy is, in fact, the lowest town in elevation in Montana. To Libby’s north is Yaak, another small town with character. With just a few establishments, Yaak is truly off the grid.

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